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The Scrapes. 

The Scrapes, formed in Brisbane, Australia early in 2009, are an unusual duo of feedback-drenched guitar and violin, and the occasional self-made instrument. Their music is rooted in the traditions of western classical music, but absolutely breaks those chains. Inspired equally by composers such as Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass and La Monte Young, and pioneers of drone Tony Conrad and Spacemen 3; The Scrapes are immersive and chaotic.

"Hugely enjoyable, highly original AND psychically useful is the music of Australian duo The Scrapes, whose fiery epic guitar and abandoned fiddle pieces evoke images of lost lands inundated by the oceans, lost Iberian & Armorican sea peoples and lost times from beyond the beyond. Mostly, violinist Adam Cadell conjures up a fabulous and heathen see-sawing from his machine, kicking up a down home/back porch Henry Flyntian dust that guitarist/axe wielder Ryan Potter orchestrates with apocalyptic power chords and huge crunching rhythms." - Julian Cope

1. Before There’s Nothing Left
2. Drivetime
3.  Electric Mourning Blues
4.  Cold Shoulders
5.  Ecker’s Tears
6.  Orlok
7.  The Last Cocktail
8.  1914
9.  Antarctic Beach

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The Scrapes’ first release.






1. Kali Yuga Sunrise
2. Golden Cloud Part 1
3.  The Age of Vice
4.  Golden Cloud Part 2
5.  Closed Circuit
6.  Close Enough to Touch
7.  Starvation
8.  See You In The Underworld

Purchase from us or direct from the band in Australia.

Eight textural compositions, explorations into new homemade instruments, sitar, percussive elements, and the ever-present violin and guitar of, the Scrapes once again present a unique blend of beautiful, immersive, provocative, and utterly original sound


Released 2010.